It’s Pink Boots Brew Season

Recently, two San Francisco breweries with women brewers opened up the brewing process to colleagues from other breweries and to their women co-workers from front of house.

Each March, around International Women’s Day, members of the Pink Boots Society – a professional organization founded “to assist, inspire and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented beverage industry to advance their careers through education” – get together for charity brew days. These events create beers that will raise money for scholarships while offering an opportunity to gather and network with other women in the industry.

[Beertender Misty and Co-Headbrewer Kelsey of Barebottle ready the Pink Boots Blend hop addition]

Barebottle Brewing and Laughing Monk Brewing of SF stepped up again this year to host this seasonal tradition that celebrates and supports women in the beer world.

Jen Jordan of Laughing Monk Brewing designed a Cold IPA, an emerging style, for their as-yet-unnamed Pink Boots Beer. Kelsey Holstein of Barebottle Brewing orchestrated a West Coast IPA.

[Pink Boots guests take a moment during the mash at Laughing Monk. Brewer Jen Jordon lower right.]

These and more official Pink Boots beers will be released in the coming weeks. To find breweries that are participating in one of the PBS brews, check out the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew map for 2022.

In addition to official charity brews created for the cause, you may find more beers in the marketplace made with the annual Pink Boots Hop blend. Sales of the custom PBS hop blend raise additional funds for the scholarship programs. This Yakima Chief hop product was created by sending out hop samples to PBS chapters, asking members to do a hop rub and then vote for the best blend. Both Laughing Monk and Barebottle used this year’s Pink Boots hop blend in their hop additions.

If you are a woman in the beer industry, you can find out more about the Pink Boots Society and consider applying for a scholarship to advance your career. If you support women in the beer industry, look for these beers and others from around the Bay near the end of the month in order to make a contribution simply by enjoying a lovely beverage.

[BOOTS SAFETY FACT: Pants should never be tucked into boots while working with hot and caustic liquids. Pants legs worn on the outside help keep boots from filling quickly. But tucking pants legs in sure looks sharp in the taproom!]

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