Trumer Brewery (North Berkeley)

The Trumer Brauerei in Berkeley makes a classic German-style Austrian pilsner. Berkeley is the second brewery making Trumer Pils, the product of an Austrian brewery founded in 1601, almost 250 years before pale and hoppy pilsner beers were invented in Bohemia. When the new style of beer was invented, German and Austrian brewers embraced and refined it to their liking. Trumer’s crisp pilsner is considered one of the most faithful to that tradition and easily puts Multinational macro brands to shame for using that term without offering the full classic European hop and malt flavors. Trumer opens to the public for a tour each weekday. Check the times and make arrangements on their website on their tour page, where they also feature a video tour.

Extras: Once in a while they host a festival or a home brew competition, other terrific chances to taste this delicate and perishable beer as fresh as it ever could be.

1404 4th Street,  Berkeley, California 94710 (510) 526-1160

NOTE: This brewery is about a mile and a half from BART, a little farther than our usual one mile maximum. You can walk it if you like, or you can use AC Transit buses down University Avenue then along San Pablo Avenue.

less than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileExit Berkeley BART and turn left, crossing the parking lot to Virginia Street. You’re going downhill towards San Pablo Avenue, and you can cut over to Cedar Street as shown on the map. Go all the way to 4th Street, then turn right. The brewery is big and obvious, and you will enter near the corner of 4th and Camelia.

Official North Berkeley BART Station and connecting Info
Use the trip planner to find the best bus connections to reduce your walk via AC Transit.


  1. I run the beer department at a liquor store in Colorado springs and we have one of your keg shells but don’t know who distributes it out here for you guys. Can you email me to let me know what to do with it


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