My Very Educated Mother knows Jupiter is closest

“orbitting jupiter”, photo by fotogail.


Since we have been working on this modest project to make it easier to explore the best of the contemporary craft brewing revolution via mass transit in the San Francisco Bay Area, and making up our home page to include those little shoe ratings for how far the walk is once the train arrives, the question of “which is closest” became inevitable.

Jupiter is the clear winner in that department, since directly to the photographer’s right when snapping this picture is found one of the entrances to the main Berkeley station, a simple staircase leading underground.

Of course, the main entrance to the Berkeley station with the skylights and the escalators is all the way across Shattuck Avenue, behind the photographer and to her left. Even so, it is fewer steps than Ben n Nick’s Bar and Grill, which appears to come in second, across the street and then half a block from the Rockridge Station exit.

What about third? We’re probably going to have to do more field research with a pedometer, since googlemaps insists on giving driving, not walking mileages. Stay tuned…

Beer By BART Home


  1. of course they only give driving mileages…the Bay Area, and most of the world, is tailored for cars, not pedestrians. one of my pet peeves–a pedestrian


  2. you can click and drag the route in googlemaps to whatever streets you want to go down. or, even better, you can use google pedometer. just do a google search for pedometer, it’s the first hit. and then you can calculate the distance of any route you want.


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