Map testing — a trip to Lanesplitter

Lanesplitter beer list

After a little testing, some tasting. Racer Five in the cask at that lovely cool cellar temperature is pretty tempting. You can easily read the beer list in the (much) larger version of that image, from the pleasant Lanesplitter pizza pub in Oakland.

A week ago I scouted MacArthur BART, where we had two suggestions, both relatively far from the station. Both are great places, though Cato’s Alehouse on Piedmont Avenue may be far enough from BART via 40th or the longer route on MacArthur that a bus or cab back ought to be a planned part of the expedition.

It partly depends on your own urban street sense, but for me, walking alone at night has always seemed less advisable in urban areas where there are few shops, cafes or open businesses. So with that in mind, I’d say to do a daylight or twilight walk to one or both of these two fine places, and then return to BART by cab in time for the last trains, which start from the ends of the four lines at midnight and then wait at MacArthur for the last passenger transfer from each other at about 12:45.

So far as the map to Lanesplitter on Telegraph goes, it was not a tough one to test!


Lanesplitter late afternoon

Beer By BART Home

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