A He’brew Evening at Toronado

He’brew up on the big board at Toronado, (originally uploaded by Gail on Flickr)

He’brew, one of the most entertaining of craft beer operations, visited good old Toronado, one of the great beer bars of the world last night. There’s a strong element of playfulness in the graphics, copy and the whole marketing side of the He’brew beer, and in many of their creative recipes too. Beer made with Belgian yeast and fresh figs! Shmaltz Brewing has an entertaining website which matches the fun of their brews.

The He’brew team knows how to schmooze and party too. We shared a little vertical tasting of the Jewbelation 8, 9 and 10: consensus in our corner of the room was that the 9 – a two year old dark strong ale with nine malts and nine kinds of hops – is now oh so fine. The 11 on Rye (rye whisky barrel aged Jewbelation) was also delicious, mellowed and balanced. Here’s to creativity, shtick and Shmaltz.

Explore Beer By BART – a list of Bay Area good beer places with transit info, and get out there to enjoy without driving.

Your thoughts?

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