Valentines Day: could I have a taste of rejection?

This site is intentionally limited in scope — all about transit, beer travel and logistics, with lots of reader feedback on the directions, but just a little bit of random blogging here on the side. We haven’t gotten into descriptions of specific beers, nor talked much about other beer sites to visit. So today we will break both of those rules of thumb. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Double IPA Festival at The Bistro 2008

Tasting the best of the Double IPAs – Photo by Gail Williams

Last weekend we had an excellent adventure at the incredible annual Double IPA Festival at The Bistro in Hayward. Along with the reliable hoppy delights of that event, we had the pleasure of running into old friends and meeting new ones, such as Jay Brooks, author of Brookston Beer Bulletin, which covers local and even some International beer community insider news. It’s a good read. Check it out!

Sunday we had an errand to run up in Sonoma County. While it is possible to get to Santa Rosa from San Francisco by Golden Gate Transit bus, our day necessitated driving. We built in time for one beer at the cheery brew pub of the amazing Russian River Brewing Company.

After having enjoyed tastes of both Pliny the Younger and the Elder, two classic and honored Russian River Double or better IPAs on the previous day at The Bistro, the opportunity for a glass of one of their Belgian style beers, such as Salvation, Damnation, Perdition and that lovely lot, sounded appealing. Lo and behold, they were serving their special Valentine’s Day beer: a black brew called Rejection.

Russian River Rejection

Blackest Rejection, temporarily eclipsing a snap of Steve, my valentine – Photo by Gail Williams

“Um, could I have a taste of Rejection?” The cheerful bartender complied, without any wisecracks. It was deliciously roasty, with a lovely bouquet of little fruity spicy notes delivered courtesy of the Belgian yeast. So if you’re in Sonoma County today, and you feel like crying in some very good beer, or better yet, sharing it with somebody you love, get to Russian River for your share of Rejection.

Beer By BART Home

Explore Beer By BART – a list of Bay Area good beer places with transit info, and get out there to enjoy without driving.


  1. Steve and Gail,

    Barry and I went to Wunder Brewing at 9th and Irving.

    Beer is much improved from the Old Eldos. Very clean, good session beers. The brewer John knows what he is doing, since he made an excellent Pilsner.
    Food is good too, great garlic string beans

    It is easy to get to, just get off BART at Embarcadero and get on the MUNI undergroung and take the N Judah line. It will take you right to their doorstep. Get off at Ninth Ave stop at Irving.

    Got to love the place, they advertise on KPIG.



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