The mysterious Uncle Fudd, another Moonlight caper

Uncle Fudd, a "Norwegian Farmhouse Beer" from Moonlight Brewing
Uncle Fudd, “Norwegian Farmhouse Ale” from Moonlight Brewing (photo by Gail, on draft at City Beer)

Brian Hunt has another original out on tap around the town, a improbable hopless beer with a new kind of balance and a whole new kind of tongue tingling. This is not a beer that is for everyone, though oddly enough the staff at Monk’s Kettle told me that it seems to please people who ask for “something light.”

Unce Fudd is a light colored beer with a good creamy body. The initial flavor is light grain, perhaps with a touch of very mild pear-like fruitiness. It’s a rye beer, and the rye tang seems to work with the creamy quality to give a very light cream cheese flavor. Sounds weird, but it is delicious. On the first sip there is not a lot going on in the finish, and I thought it was balanced towards the malt side. The trick is to have a glass, and then to notice the warm throat tingle.

The first time I had this beer I woke up hours later noticing that my throat and pallate were pleasantly warm. Warmth in beer is usually about strong alcohol, but this is a session beer, and the warmth was different. Very strange. Compelling. Something to repeat.

A week later I enjoyed a pint, followed with a sip of a very hoppy beer. The warm tingle on the tongue seemed mild while drinking the Fudd, but following it with a sip of IPA was an eye-opener. The strong hops were very irritating to the tongue following old Uncle Fudd. Next time the Uncle gets followed by a less hoppy Belgian, or another malt-forward beer.

Brian Hunt’s impish sense of humor comes through in the beer’s name, inspired by his mysterious ingredient, a new world cedar, the wood of the genus Thuja. Not a cedar barrel, Brian actually tossed the carefully selected Thuja branches into the stainless steel fermentation tank. Moonlight Brewing does it again.

Elmer Fudd would have loved saying that tree’s name. Evidently his Norwegian uncle would have asked for it in a beer. Try it if you want to taste something outside the beer flavors you know.


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