Beer Wars movie and getting a great pint before or after

So Thursday, April 16th, is not just the day after tax day. There’s this Beer Wars movie event. One night only. The trailer is all over the web and the events are all over the country. Some are near BART stations. The film chronicles the battles of craft brews to compete with the industrial giants, something very important to all of us who love adventurous beer.

Dogfish Head Brewing is not as much as an underdog as a few years back when the movie project began, but founder-brewer Sam Calagione is always fun and compelling. I especially like how the late Michael Jackson described Sam in writing a few years ago.

The special movie event includes a panel. It should be interesting to see what the usually macro-conservative Ben Stein has to say in the context of the craft beer world.

They have set up pretty good California distribution for this one night only film event. The SF peninsula, Marin county, the central valley … all have got Beer Wars locations. I wonder if this will bring out the hidden forces of beer fandom all over the land? Somehow I notice that for those in the central Bay Area — Oakland, Berkeley — there’s nothing nearby.

The obvious questions: What about BARTable destinations? Is there a place to see this movie and then repair to a very good beer before or afterwards?

San Francisco: only at SF Centre Century 9, at the Powell BART (and MUNI underground) Station. Walk only about 4 blocks to get a free pint of fresh local brew by showing your ticket at Thirsty Bear before hand (maybe ordering some tapas too) — or jump on the 6, 7 or 71 MUNI line to get up to Toronado for an after-movie get together that’s been announced in a few places online, probably not including a free pint, but with an impressive selection. Totally doable with $1.50 bus fare and a little motivation.

San Bruno rates high for convenience with a BJ’s brewpub and the theater both in the Tanforan center near the BART stop. (Psst: Some of the interesting seasonals and the IPA are actually brewed by other local craft brewers under contract. Sometimes those are worth exploring.)

Walnut Creek: You will have to walk about a mile from BART to the movie, but Pyramid Alehouse is on the way!

Hayward is the BART stop that scores really big here. The Century Theaters are a new complex at 1029 B Street, across the street from the historic Buffalo Bill’s brewpub, and just up the block from that esteemed beer bar and festival convener, The Bistro. It’s an easy walk from BART and the Bistro is directly on the way… and on the way back from the theater.


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