Visiting Local Production Breweries

It’s no accident that if you travel beyond the taprooms and brewpubs to local packaging breweries you get into industrial neighborhoods. Usually breweries without restaurants will have less public transit access.

Most of these brewers don’t quite meet our original guidelines of being less than a mile’s walk from a station and open for dropping in during regular hours. The brewers on this list distribute to stores and bars in the area, but there’s nothing quite like visiting, if you can arrange it. Their websites usually include up to date information, but we recommend reserving a spot or at least confirming the times with a phone call before you go.

(One shoe less than a quarter mile is up to a Quarter Mile walking, one way from the nearest BART or CalTrain station):


  1. You may want to consider adding Linden St brewery. I understand they do tours by appointment and do events from time to time. Cheers!


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