BART transit tips for the bridgeless end of SF Beer Week

SF Beer Week has been too great and too busy for us to recount so far, although we can say  that Thursday’s master blending seminar with Eric and Lauren Salazar of New Belgium featuring special casks of the component parts of La Folie was thoughtful, inspiring and delicious.

Mike Azzalini and the whole team at La Trappe in North Beach went all out to make the sour blending seminar a memorable event, and sent each participant home with his or her own custom self- blended growler. The session was a rare insight into a remarkable craft.

What’s next?

There are plenty of good events to come, up to and including the final festival that is the Celebrator Party.  [Here’s how to walk to and from Trumer and North Berkeley BART. They will run a free shuttle bus to and from BART, and the event is over at 8:00 PM Sunday, so regular stops and schedules apply.]

The final weekend adds a new challenge:  This weekend you can leave San Francisco by the Bay Bridge but due to construction you can’t enter — or get back  — that way.  Drivers will have an option of going way around by the various other bridges, but ditching the car and taking BART remains a good option.

A limited number of BART stations will remain open for special all-night trains. The normally-scheduled final trains will leave their terminals between midnight and one and make all stops.

In the City, the late night stations are Embarcadero, Powell and 24th Street.  You will find late night buses on the MUNI system can get you to an open BART station, or you may be able to grab a cab.  The 511 system is good for finding connecting buses, as is Nextbus.

The special late trains will only run hourly, so it will be useful to get a precise bead on when they get to your after-hours station. You can get that by downloading one of many mobile BART apps, (choose a real-time app from lists here) or point your mobile browser to, or by looking at the full  BART or websites to plan a late trip.

No smartphone…no problem. You can phone 5-1-1 and use the interactive voice menus.

Have fun!

Explore Beer By BART; use our list of some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best beer places with detailed transit info, so you can get out there to enjoy without driving.

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