February is all about strong beer

February in the San Francisco Bay Area, 2008. Cold rain. Winter, relatively speaking, but green grass is sprouting on the hills and yellow acacia trees are already in the throes of springtime. We have it easy in that regard. Still, the nights are long and the beer appreciator turns to thoughts of Strong Beer Month, festivals, food pairings, parties and special brews.

The master lists of special events with times and prices, etc, can be found at The Celebrator’s Beerapalooza page in combination with the Strong Beer Month page from 21st Amendment and Magnolia.

Once you choose from the events, come back here for some transit logistic links and hints:

All February long the Strong Beer Month festival features special beers (until they run out) at two fine San Francisco brewpubs: Here’s how to take BART and/or Muni to 21st Amendment and take Muni to Magnolia.

February 9: Double IPA: Take BART to The Bistro.

February 13: Beer and Cheese: BART then walk, cab or Muni bus to Rogue Ales Public House

February 15: Chocolate and Belgian Beer:
Cathedral Hill Hotel is near the corner of Geary and Van Ness, both major Muni bus system routes, or else take a medium cab ride from Powell Street BART

February 16–22: Barleywine Festival: Take BART/Muni bus to Toronado

February 17
: Beerapalooza – Celebrator Beer News 20th Anniversary:
Oakland Convention Center/Marriott Hotel in downtown Oakland. Take BART as if to the Pacific Coast Brewing destination, come up to the street level and start walking down Broadway, then look to your right for the Marriott at 1001 Broadway. (You could even ask for friendly directions at the brewpub if you wander past the Marriott to Pacific Coast Brewing, but it’s pretty obvious!)

Last night we tried a double IPA and a strong Belgian style dark beer at 21st. Not to be missed, and the month has barely begun.

Magnolia candles ready to go out onto tables.

(Photo by Gail: candles ready to be set out onto tables at Magnolia’s)

Beer By BART Home

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