Our Beer Week Event: Beer From The Other Side

This year, we are going back to our Beer By BART roots with an event that is about trying local beers, hanging out with interesting beer drinkers and planning local beer travel: Beer From The Other Side.

In San Francisco. For San Franciscans and SF visitors. Lovely pours from that other side of the Bay, that area you probably don’t get to all that often. Since we live in SF, we understand. We know it can sometimes be hard to venture out of the City. There’s delicious beer made right here in town, and fine beer shipped in, after all. But in our neighboring counties, we have an amazing chance for local beer tourism. We think that after you taste some of these beers, and learn a bit about the people who make them, you’ll be Bay-hopping to get out there and visit these places in the future.

Join us on Monday, February 9, from 5pm onward at The Beer Hall, #1 Polk St. at Market, SF. We’ll be there personally until about 9:00pm or so, and the beers will be poured until they’re gone.

We’ll be enjoying beers from The Rare Barrel, Faction, Triple Rock, Linden Street, Drake’s and WOODS Bar and Brewery. We asked these fine breweries to send us beers that will represent! (Two of the beers that will be on tap, Shadows Of Their Eyes from Rare Barrel and Puddy Porter from Faction, won Bronze Medals in the 2014 World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festivals respectively. They are two of the seldom-seen in SF beers that will be poured.)

The venue is the convivial Beer Hall, just off Market Street at the foot of Polk. That’s a couple of blocks from Civic Center BART, and close to the Van Ness MUNI stop, so cars are not required.

In past years, we’ve enjoyed co-creating beer week adventures from assisting with a BJCP tasting and judging class and convening a community toast to women in beer, to collaborating on special beers. (We made “My Funky Valentine” dark sour with Bison, and last year we got to create “Carob Calloway,” a dark carob ale at Cerveceria de Mataveza.)

This year, Drew Hall was gracious enough to allow us to collaborate in getting an array of select East Bay beers lined up for you at his bar, thereby giving us a transit-friendly place where we can hang out and see some of our friends who are in town. (The rest of the week we’ll be running around crazy, so please drop by to say hi if you can.)

Just sipping along at The Beer Hall
Last SFBW, at The Beer Hall
Last SFBW, at The Beer Hall

Tell your SF pals who seldom get outta town that we are here for them. Monday evening is all about kickstarting their beer adventure selves. Maybe you, too.

Or just hang out and sip beers you may never taste again. It’s Beer Week! What’s not to be excited about?


Explore Beer By BART: Use our list of some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best beer places with detailed transit info, so you can get out there to enjoy without driving.

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